Serious traders want serious perks, and for those individuals we recommend our Platinum account. Those who trade 100 total lots will automatically qualify for this account type, and by trading only 50 lots per month can continue to receive the rebates and bonuses associated with the Platinum account. All Platinum account holders will receive a refund in the amount of $1.50 per traded lot, along with a $10 Monthly Loyalty Bonus. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a DiamondFX MasterCard that allows for much higher daily spending levels that those of the Gold account type.


  • Only 100 traded lots needed to qualify.
  • $1.50 rebate on every lot traded.
  • Request your own DiamondFX MasterCard!
  • Spend up to $2,500 daily using your DiamondFX card.
  • Trade only 50 lots to maintain your Platinum account.
  • Collect a $10 Loyalty Bonus each month!

Lots needed to qualify

Trade only 100 lots in any given month to qualify for a Platinum account.


Lots needed to maintain

Trade a minimum of 50 lots each month to remain at the Platinum account tier.



Platinum account holders will earn a rebate on each and every traded lot, as well as a monthly loyalty bonus for nothing other than remaining at the Platinum level! Additionally, Platinum account holders are free to request their very own DiamondFX pre-paid MasterCard, complete with a massive $10,000 daily spending limit. Interested in additional perks? We’ve got you covered. Simply advance to a Platinum or Diamond account whenever you wish!

Per Lot Rebate

Receive a rebate of $1.50 on each lot that you trade. That's right - earn money for doing what you're already here to do - trade!


Monthly Loyalty Bonus

Platinum level accounts qualify for a $10 Monthly Loyalty Bonus. If you'd like to earn more for remaining an active client, consider upgrading your account today!


DiamondFX Card Type

Our Platinum account holders can request their very own DiamondFX pre-paid MasterCard. Spend your profits however you wish online or at any of the millions of locations that accept MasterCard. In addition, you can use your card to withdraw funds whenever you wish!

Max Card Balance

Your card will have a maximum balance of $25,000.


POS + ePOS Daily Limit

Spend up to $2,500 daily at Point-of-Sale and ePOS locations around the globe.


ATM Daily Limit

Withdraw up to $750 daily from any of thousands of global ATMs.


Cross Border Refund Fee

Receive a refund of 3% in cases where Cross Border Fees apply.


Should you need any assistance or have questions regarding your Platinum account, contact us. We’re here for you around the clock! Our clients are our top priority and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re provided with a top-notch trading platform, as well as top-notch support.