Our Silver account is suitable for those who may still be learning how to trade, yet are serious about growing their profits. While this account does not offer a Monthly Loyalty Bonus or access to the DiamondFX MasterCard, it does provide a lot rebate of $1 USD per traded lot. Simply trade ten total lots to qualify and then continue to trade five lots monthly in order to remain at the Silver account level.


  • Only 10 traded lots needed to qualify.
  • Earn a $1 rebate on every lot traded.
  • Suitable for first-time and beginner level traders.
  • Around the clock access to our support team.
  • Trade only 5 lots to maintain your Gold account.
  • Upgrade to access additional perks whenever you wish!

Lots needed to qualify

Trade only 10 lots in any given month to qualify for a Silver account.


Lots needed to maintain

Trade a minimum of 5 lots each month to remain at the Silver account tier.



Silver account holders will earn a rebate on each and every traded lot! If you are interested in requesting your very own DiamondFX pre-paid MasterCard and would like to collect monthly loyalty bonuses, consider upgrading to a Gold, Platinum or Diamond account!

Per Lot Rebate

Receive a rebate of $1 on each lot that you trade. That's right - earn money for doing what you're already here to do - trade!


Monthly Loyalty Bonus

Silver level accounts do not qualify for Monthly Loyalty Bonuses. If you'd like to be rewarded monthly for remaining an active client, consider upgrading your account today!


DiamondFX Card Type

Unfortunately, the Silver account level does not qualify for the DiamondFX card. If you are interested in requesting your very own DiamondFX pre-paid MasterCard, open a Gold level or higher account. With the DiamondFX card, you’ll be free to spend your profits however you wish online or at any of the millions of locations that accept MasterCard. In addition, you can use your card to withdraw funds whenever you wish!

Max Card Balance



POS + ePOS Daily Limit



ATM Daily Limit



Cross Border Refund Fee



If you currently have a Silver level account and trade the lots needed to move to a higher account tier, your account will automatically be upgraded. Should you have any questions regarding our various account types, contact our support team. We’re available to assist you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.